Road Freight

It's your cargo, we take care of it. Wherever it is.

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Air Freight

Flying upper deck is always nice. Especially for cargo.

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Ocean Freight

We explain what ocean freight means...

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Rail Freight

Dependable, green and fast overland.

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The best solution for distributing your goods

The objective of the logistics process is to get the right quantity and quality of
materials or services to the right place at the right time.
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    Planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods.

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    Planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods.

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    Planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods.

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    Planning and executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods.

We at ITK Kargo Transport are here to transport your goods,
contact us, we’ll be delighted to help you

Let us find the best freight forwarding rates for you. We also offer a comprehensive range of
additional services that include the customs clearance, logistics, and special transports.

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``RUMELIA`` LTL Service TR - GR - MKD

We offer a comprehensive range of groupage services that
include the customs clearance, logistics, special transports
and customized industry solutions.

As a freight forwarder, we provide this service on a regular basis, from Istanbul via Thessaloniki to Skopje ( connection to Albania/Kosovo) with local country pick up/delivery .
In our new web page we provide a form in which you can request the service in a quick and easy way. All you have to do is fill in the type of goods you want to transport, the country of origin and the country of destination and we will take care of the rest.

  • Highest quality and safety freight services
  • Bespoke assessment and management
  • Dedicated project staff contact

Products can travel over land by road or rail, cross vast oceans and seas on cargo ships and jet through the air on freight carrier planes. The question we’re often asked is; which mode of transportation is best for transporting my goods?

We make full use of the way we quickly arrive at decisions. We are certified by Bureau Veritas
Quality International (BVQI) in accordance with Sn En ISo 14001:2004.

A complete transportation
company for your business

Transportation & Distribution Services

Our logistic company has received lots of positive
feedback from our satisfied clients.

Quality Management System

Our logistic QMS has received lots of positive
feedback from our satisfied clients.

Special transports and customized industry solutions

Freight forwarding solutions in the USA and Worldwide. Together with our global network of partners,
we plan and coordinate road, air, and sea freight transport.
Sea Freight

The go-to option for global cargo shipping.

Road Freight

Where it all begins and ends.

Logistics Ground

We work with companies to care, move, manage, and distribute your goods.

Air Freight

The speedy choice for urgent, valuable and perishable cargo

We have proven experience in handling
all kinds of goods and logistics

Helping you to choose the safest and most efficient method
Transport Quality Assurance

We offer logistics solutions and rapid
door-to-door forwarding services.

Transport Service Assesment

A TSA is a comprehensive and systematic process that sets out transport issues relating to a proposed development.

Multimodal Freight Transport

A cargo journey is multimodal, combining different modes of transportation to reach a recipient.

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Skopje, St. Kiril I Metodij Str. , 6 loc 2

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(389) 2 3222 39 83

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